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about us

KAINOS is a company that combines multi-element business mode in Malaysia. Our headquarter is located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. KAINOS is a well-known company which retail and wholesale hardware products such as safety & site equipment, safety harness, telco equipment & materials, compass, etc. The company also supplies a wide range of high-quality telco metal materials, metal door & window grill and all kinds of metal products. We promise the quality of our products, the best price, and understanding specific needs of our customers. Kindly contact us now for more details.
our products


  • Safety Equipment
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Telco Material
  • Outdoor Camping Equipment

What We Offer

  • Factory Main Structure & Build Up
  • Housing Main Gate, Metal Fencing, Window Grill, Staircase Handle
  • Metal Caging & all kind of metal repairing works
  • Telco Works CME Material Fabrication